Pool valet options

A full range of valet services are available.

Prices for pool valets depend on;

  1. Valet structure; whether on a contract or non contract rate (per visit)
  2. Valet type; Full vs Economy vs Chemical Check
  3. Valet frequency; 1, 2 or 4-weekly

Full Valet Service includes

  • empty baskets & vacuum pool
  • brush up walls, floor & clean tile surrounds
  • backwash filter
  • check operation of auto-dosing and auto-cleaning equipment
  • test & balance pool-water

Economy Valet Service includes » empty baskets » brush up walls & floor » backwash filter » test & balance pool-water

Chemical Test includes

  • test & balance pool-water only

Specialist services/treatments

  • Emergency clean up of green pools (can require successive visits
  • Summer start up
  • Winter shutdown

Spa Valet Options

Spa Pool Valet Service includes

  • vacuum pool
  • clean filters
  • clean covers as required
  • empty pool, clean out and refill as required
  • test & balance water

A Premium Spa Pool Valet includes;

  • Complete spa valet as above PLUS additional on the spot repairs, routine & timely drain & refills & a preventative maintenance service – ideal for absentee owners with rented holiday homes