Sundance McKinley

6 Person Spa, 7 Person Spa

Large spas can provide a great venue for entertaining. Invite the neighbours over for a Sundance afternoon.

With a large spa like the McKinley™, you have plenty of room for family and party-size groups. Inside you’ll find a generous number of jets: 44 in all, in seven different styles, offering a variety of hydro-therapeutic spa massage options. Which means you and everyone else in your McKinley™ spa can enjoy an almost unlimited variety of massages.

Enhanced water filtration, including our factory-installed CLEARRAY®, make the McKinley™ spa easy to maintain.

Favorite features, like waterfalls, LED lighting, stainless steel jet face plates, and comfy pillow headrests are standard on this Sundance spa.

Product Specs

Spa Shell

Cabinet Options

Sundance McKinley