Sundance Chelsee

6 Person Spa, 7 Person Spa

Discount Spas simply can’t compare to a stylish, and affordable, Sundance Chelsee model 780™ Series spa. The Chelsee attracts smart spa shoppers with its four corner seats (everyone loves comfy corner seats), each delivering a distinct type of therapeutic massage.

The unique Reflexology Foot Dome with five powerful jets is another feature you seldom find in luxury spas or discount spas. In fact, the Soothing Muscle Therapy, or SMT™ jets and highly effective Accu-Pressure™ jets in the Chelsee give you a choice of specialized jet-massage therapies.

You can see the value in a spa like the Chelsee when you consider that you have a choice of acrylic colors and cabinetry, plus fun options that include a built-in stereo system. The affordable Chelsee beats discount spas in quality, features and service.

Product Specs

Spa Shell

Cabinet Options

Sundance Chelsee