Why choose a spa pool?

An energy efficient portable spa from Southern Spas & Pools adds elegance and style to any deck or yard. It’s your private retreat from the stresses caused by everyday pressures. A spa is also an inviting relaxation centre that unites family and friends. Bringing a spa into your home adds a whole new dimension to your well being.

Spas and hot tubs are a great getaway from your daily routine. Warm, smooth bubbling water can turn even the most stressful day into pure pleasureā€š just for fun, just for romance or just because!

Whether you are looking for something to relax in with family, a romantic getaway or have therapy needs, Southern Spas & Pools has the spa to meet your needs and budget.

Highlife Collection

Limelight Collection

Hotspot Collection


Cedar Hot Tubs

Our Plug & Play model requires no installation, no external piping and no pump housing. Simply put the tub in place, plug it in and enjoy!

They are hand crafted from Canadian heart cedar, a timber with natural anti-mould and anti decay properties. They use traditional coopering (barrel making) techniques with distinctive galvanized or gold electroplated bands to hold the Hot Tub together. All Hot Tubs are backed by a full five year warranty, although if properly maintained a Hot Tub has been known to last for 30 years.