5 Person

For those craving relaxation and body recharge, all wrapped up in style: Wave goodbye to those body aches and pains once and for all! Jump into the Delight spa pool

Elegance and style at a very affordable price: The Relax spa pool strikes a balance between style and price – no compromises here. With seven colour options to choose from,

Large spas a great place to relax after a long, hard day. In a Ramona™ custom spa, a variety of power-packed jets and relaxing seating styles work together to provide

Designed in our best-selling size and shape, and at 84 centimetres high, the Montclair™ spa may be the easiest entry-and-exit spa in the line. Its long, narrow footprint fits right

Designed to cradle your body comfortably, the Bristol™ model features a special spiral-action lounge seat, exclusive to this Series. Deep tissue, adjustable Accu-pressure™ jets along the legs offer you more

Whether you live on a windswept shore or a sunny suburban street, the versatile Hamilton™ spa will make you feel right at home. Big enough to welcome family and friends,

Sit side-by-side in the Sundance Marin™ spa. Play your favorite music from the optional stereo. Enjoy the cascading, softly lit splash of the AquaTerrace™ waterfall. The Marin spa is a

With room for up to six adults, the Altamar® spa offers a lounge seat, a variety of seat heights and the best of everything, including illuminated grab bars and air-only

The Cameo® spa seats up to six adults, offering the perfect variety of seat heights formed to fit diverse body types. Our best-selling lounge model, this spa has the best of

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